Journey of the Guitar: A Portrait of Pepe Romero

7 x 10.25 inches; 65 pages; edition of 200 [1999]

Classical and flamenco guitarist Pepe Romero reflects on his work in an intensely personal, poetic manner. His themes, articulated in both English and Spanish, transcend the boundaries of artistic medium and celebrate the entirety of the creative process. Compiled from oral and written sources, and edited by Robin Price. The title page features an original palladium print by James W. Pitts. Printed letterpress by Price in ATF Bodoni Book and Stradivarius in black, gold, and grey onto Frankfurt white and Fabriano Italia black. Constructed with a classical six-string guitar in mind, Daniel E. Kelm co-designed the long-stitch variation with black museum board covers, printed in gold, with a window that partially reveals the title page print. Wrapped in frosted mylar. “The book is beautiful in conception and execution, for Price is a master printer and a master designer.”—Connell B. Gallagher, Parenthesis 5. Signed by Romero and Pitts. $375


journey interior

journey detail


journey spread


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